Spiros Drakatos

Spiros Drakatos became engaged with graphic design because at the time it seemed like a good idea. After his occasionally fascinating studies in Athens and London, he came back to the motherland, determined to change the world through design. He never had a good relationship with the idea of working for somebody else, so he worked in various visual communication projects as a freelancer, showing a loving preference in publication design. He devoted about a third of his life to teaching design and tried to persuade an upcoming generation of young graphic designers, that visual communications is not all about pretty pictures. He still wonders if the message came through. In 2004 he found the meaning of his professional life by co-creating Sereal Designers with Tonia Augoustaki and Nikos Sideris. Through Sereal he satisfies his schizophrenic tendencies between applied and artistic communication. Their work spans through the whole range of visual communication and it has been internationally awarded. He hasn't got a biographer yet, so he writes his own bios, mostly in the third person.

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