Michael Antonopoulos

Social Media: a great career opportunity for the graphic designer 

Since Internet came to our  life and working environment, the countdown for the printed paper had only just begun. Magazines and newspapers show economic damage and close, leaving behind them thousands of unemployed while slowly but steadily the print communication and advertising decreases. What is the position of the graphic designer in today's professional reality? Are there any alternates? Of course there are. One of them is the field of Social Media, a great opportunity to try a promising professional beginning, enriching the clientèle and showing his job. Career change? No. The graphic designer already has the skills and education to support such a professional choice. The graphic designer and member of the Journalistic Associations ΕΔΙΠΤ, FAEP and FIPP Michael Antonopoulos will unlock the skills that you already have and will show you a really great professional prospect in the Social Media area.

Michael was born in Athens. He studied graphic design in the Athenian Artistic Technology Group (AKTO) while he got a scholarship in VAKALO for one year studies in the freehand drawing. For three academic years he worked as a professor at AKTO in the tutoring of third year students. He has been invited as a speaker at workshops, conferences on graphic design and visual communication, as a visiting professor to TEI graphic design department, to Chatzipatereio Foundation, etc. He has collaborated with the magazines National Geographic, MacWorld, RAM, ROM, HiTECH, EIKONES, MBike, Industrial Review, with the newspapers TO BHMA, ETHNOS, Sunday ETHNOS, IMERISIA, NEA MESSIMVRINI, ISOTIMIA, KERDOS, etc. His comics and cartoons have been published in the RAM magazine in the column Control-Alt-Delete of Nikos Dimou, in ETHONS and Sunday ETHNOS, NEA, NEA MESSIMVRINI, ATHENS VOICE, PLAYBOY, MOTORSPORT, ROCKHARD, at NEO EPIPEDO of the artist John Stafanakis, in athensvoice.gr, lifo.gr, socomic.gr, etc. He has published the educational magazines GRAPHIC DESIGNER + web design, Virtual Studio, A + T (Architecture and Technology). He has also published in Greece the German music magazine ROCKHARD. From June 2013 to December 2015 he was responsible for the editions of the German-Greek Education Foundation. In 2012 he created a new comic hero. The award-winning men called The Cone People © (Facebook). He has been awarded for his work (graphic design, comics) in Greece and abroad. He is a member of the journalistic Union EDIPT, the European Association of Journalists FAEP and the International Union of Journalists FIPP. As of 2016 he teaches to entrepreneurs and to companies' executives Content Marketing and evaluation of statistics on Facebook.

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