Panos Vassiliou

In search of a new manifesto for humanist typefaces in a post-trend fashion world

When: Friday 06|03|2020
Where: The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation


Panos Vassiliou is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a major in Applied Science and Engineering. In his transition years from engineering to typography, he got involved with a theatre company, founded a design studio, a publishing house and pursued an academic career. In 2001 he founded Parachute®, a professional type foundry which specialises in type design, lettering and branding. Panos has designed several award-winning typefaces, which includes bespoke fonts for international companies and organisations such as Bank of America, European Commission, UEFA, Samsung, Ikea, Financial Times, National Geographic. He has received numerous international awards and distinctions for his typeface designs including a Red Dot Grand Prix.

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