Stefanos Karagos

In an Information Noise Era, Design is how it works

Stefanos Karagos, a Data Scientist and Serial Entrepreneur, is a Pioneer and a Thought Leader in the Technology, Publishing and Marketing sectors. He is the founder of XPLAIN, a Disruptive Marketing Intelligence Firm, providing Digital Innovation Services to over 138 Global Brands in 40+ countries. His vision is actively shared by a Dream Team of highly skilled professionals with wide expertise in Digital Marketing, Consumer Intelligence and Data & Predictive Analytics. Stefanos is a popular and non-conventional keynote speaker and his innovative work is internationally recognized – His presentation on Social Media ROI was declared the 3rd most popular Business presentation in the world, while in January 2014 his business presentations on SlideShare were acknowledged of being in the Top 1% of most viewed SlideShare Content worldwide. Following XPLAIN’s 2015 Gold Prize for Digital Innovation Solutions, last year Stefanos - nominated by his industry colleagues - was recognized as an Agency INNOVATOR of 2016 by ANA’s Global Partner, the Internationalist. This extraordinary group of 30 individuals from all corners of the globe are embracing change and making a difference for their agencies and for their clients.

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