Valentin Ionut Scriban


Valentin Ionut Scriban was born in Romania in 1994. At the age of 13 he came to Cyprus and in 2015 he joined the Graphic Arts Graduate Program of the European University of Cyprus, where he developed his creative skills in the field of printing, typography, digital media and multimedia, drawing and comic book design.

In 2019 he delivered his dissertation entitled “Commercial illustration as a means of propaganda” and completed his studies with great success. In 2018 he was co-organizer and coordinator of the visual identity of the EyeKon Comic Con comic festival. Also, during the school year 2018 – 2019 he was the leader of the project entitled “An Alternative Path”, a collaboration between the 6th Elementary School of Aglantzia and the Special School of Nicosia.

From 2018 he started his fruitful collaboration with Angeliki Athanasiadis in the framework of the organization for the Graphic Stories Cyprus conference. In the past he has been active in organizing many other festivals and conferences related to Visual Communication. Today he works individually in the field of Graphic Design, undertaking independent projects.