Sofia Kourntatze

Graphic Designer

Sofia is a Graphic and Advertising Design (BA) graduate from Frederick University Cyprus where she was 3rd award winner in the European Poster Competition during Eracon 2016. She works in the Graphic Design industry since 2016. She had the opportunity to work intensely in print production gaining valuable knowledge on printed media design. Afterwards, she worked as the in-house designer of the Theatrical Organization of Cyprus for 2 theatrical seasons where she was responsible for creating the visual identities and applications for print and digital media for each theatrical play. Her approach to Design and Illustration is a blend of digital and sometimes handmade work.

She is also freelancing where she works on the creation of Brand Identity, logo design and illustration. Her creative path also led her into exploring product and lifestyle photography, videography and motion graphics which are necessary tools for advertising.

Currently, she is working in the web design field and looking forward to what else the future beholds!

Sophia has been part of Graphic Stories’ creative team since 2018.