Jose Luis Hernandez "Chepe" [MEXICO]

Graphic Designer

From of Puebla, Mexico, a graphic designer, he has a specialty in audiovisual communication, a master's degree in political communication; José Luis Hernández Díaz "Chepe" is a creator by vocation. Within his work he has developed, brand design, campaigns. Advertising, social, cultural and political; The design of the poster has led him to have national and international recognition, and to be selected in Biennials and triennials in various countries. He was the winner of the international award for! Design and winner of the first place in the international contest "International Year of Volunteers" convened by the ONU and the Tramavisual. The countries to which he has traveled, exhibited and published his work are: Argentina, France, Spain, Bulgaria, South Korea, Japan, Bolivia, Warsaw, Iran, Slovenia, Russia, China, South Africa and Mexico, Finland, Cyprus, among others. His series "Love and respect for animal life" is part of the permanent collection of the Advertising Museum in Paris. Outstanding student of René Azcuy and Antonio Pérez Ñiko, hence the influences of his conceptual work. He is the founder of the International Network of Visual Creators A.C. He is a permanent part-time teacher at the BUAP School of Plastic and Audiovisual Arts.

Facebook: chepedesign
Instagram: chepedesign