Ioannis Fetanis

I used to be a graphic designer
Workshop – Glyph and Pilcrow Experimental Typography in Editorial Design

The purpose of this workshop is the participants to create from scratch an experimental alphabet. Through this process we aim to highlight the multicultural character of a mod- ern society. Firstly, within the workshop, fundamental type design principles will be presented in the participants. The influence of this special form of laboratory seminar is inspired by the artistic movement of Dada. During this creative hours an escape attempt, from strict de- sign standards to a limitless inspirational environment of creation, will take place. The second round of the workshop will include the design & implementation of an editori- al issue. This is a challenge for the participants to exclusively use the completed typogra- phy projects that emerged during workshop’s first round during the editorial design process. Upon completion, the whole team will jointly decide about the final presentation of work- shop’s results! Number of Participants 15 (max.20) The participants must have a laptop with Adobe InDesign / Adobe Illustrator.

Fetanis Ioannis was born in Athens/Greece. He studied graphic design at the Athenian Artistic and Technological Group where in 2004 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. He completed his studies in 2007 by obtaining an MA in Strategic Design & Visual Communication from Middlesex University, London. He is now working as a freelance designer whilst at the same time enjoys being active in groups with interests and actions in social fields such as Creative Action Network (USA), TEDx, as well as taking part in political communication projects. His endless creativity, guides him to participate frequently in graphic design competitions, exhibitions and bien- nales all over the world. Golden Bee (Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design), Good 50x70 (Milan Trienalle, Italy), Political Poster Show (Mons Trienalle, Belgium), Poster For Tomorrow (Paris Design Week), European Design Awards, EBGE (Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards), Hii- ibrand Awards (Nanjing, China) & Young Lions Hellas (Cannes Lions Advertising Festival).