Michalis Vassiliou

Website Design, Development and Promotion

Over this presentation we will try to overview and understand the methodology followed from the point we take up a project until it is delivered, and furthermore the support offered form a designer’s stance.                                                                                                                                                   

{Designing} I am a graphic designer, what should I know about the Web?
What is my new role? Why do we need a website, what are the advantages and what role do Social Media play?
Important steps before we start working on a project. 
A good evaluation and a fair costing of the project. 
We design websites that will appear as high as possible on Google rankings and will have high click rate. 
What should we look out for, for whom it is destined (to whom it will appeal) and the purpose of the website? Why is content important?

{Realization} I am a graphic designer, not a programmer. 
Can we complete a project without writing a single line of code? 
Tools we can use. Why WordPress? Themes & Plugins. We design for all devices but focus on mobile phones. 
Quality and functionality control. 

{Promotion} I am a graphic designer, who may I help. 
A graphic designer’s survival after the completion of a project. Why is it important to have recurring fees? 

Creating support material for the website’s promotion. 

General Information
-Hosting a Website
-After sale support
-Domain Name

I was born and raised in Nicosia. Although I set out to be an accountant, I ended up a designer. I studied multimedia at Intercollege and the Graphic Design, Graphic Communication and Digital Media at Wolverhampton University in Birmingham. Coming back to Cyprus, I initially worked as a freelance graphic designer. In 2008, Andreas Hadjigeorgiou and I founded Lightblack. Today, Lightblack consists of 9 people and mostly develops Custom Web Applications. We achieved in creating a rich customer base from a vast spectrum of industries. As part of the team I design websites, UX and UI. I dare to say that I function as a hub for the design department, the programmers, the marketing department and the client. This gives me the opportunity develop my knowledge, and accentuate my know how, as it is imperative to always be on the lookout for new technological trends.