Panayiota Michael

Workshop for Children!

At the workshop, kids will have the opportunity to learn, step by step, how to create their own cartoon characters inspired by the world cultural heritage. Characters such as Arodafnousa from Cyprus, Robin Hood from England, Dracula from Romania, the Polish mermaid, Fairies and elves will become the inspiration for kids to create their own imaginary world where myths and traditions will become one on their posters, giving the message of peace and love between the nations.

Cost for participation €7 –  Register:

Panayiota Michael was born in Paphos in 1987 and she studied Illustration for Animation in the United Kingdom. She works as a Graphic Designer & Cartoon Illustrator in Paphos where she participated in a variety of art projects and workshops. In 2009 she represented Cyprus in Brussels at the Eurocartoon Exhibition as she was honored with the 1st Prize in the National Cartoon Contest in Cyprus. In 2014 she was invited to visit public schools in order to present the profession of cartoon artist and show to hundreds of kids how to design their own cartoons.