Zoe Katsiyianni

Infographics in Printed and Digital media

Visualization of a topic in a news bulletin in the form of an infographic. Create your own, step-by-step infographics for TV. Data collection, evaluation, prioritization and creation.
Equipment: Laptop – ADOBE programs


In her speech, Zoe showcased a variety of infographics and talked about the importance of the medium they are presented in, since it directly influences their design approach. Zoe Katsiyianni was born in Volos and studied at the Department of Graphic Design of the School of Graphic Arts and Art Studies of the TEI of Athens. From 1987 and for the next 24 years she worked in the studio of the newspaper Eleutheros Typos. Initially, she was involved in the design of the newspaper’s pages, the setting up of its inserts and magazines and later with the front page of the newspaper where she was in charge for 15 years. Since 2006 she has been mainly involved in the design of infographics. She has designed corporate and commercial graphic products for Greek companies and has been involved with the publication as well as the design of newspapers. For her graphics, that were published on the newspaper Eleutheros Typos, she has been distinguished in the EVGE Awards as well as in the European Newspaper Awards for 14 of her graphics and from the Botsis Foundation for her overall presence in the press, designing infographics. She is a member of ESIEA.