Mauro Pastore [IT]

Art Director / Visual Designer

Mauro Pastore, along with Masa Magnoni and Alessandro Floridia, is founding partner, creative and design director of Cacao Design, a multidisciplinary agency specialized in brand identity founded in 2004 in Milan.

Cacao Design projects have won numerous awards and been published in annuals and publications of national and international renown (ADI Design Index, Creativity International Print & Packaging Design Awards, IDA International Design Award, How, ReBrand, Novum, Graphis, Kak, Gold Ink, TDC Type Directors Club, Red-Dot, How, LogoLounge, D&AD Design and Art Direction Award, Ed-Awards, Zgraf, ADCI Art Directors Club Italiano, C2A Creative Communication Award).

But Mauro has been appearing in international Design Annuals since 1991, starting with an Honorable Mention from the Art Directors Club of Europe while working at Gaffuri Comunicazione, one of Italy’s leading design firms at the time, where he started his career in 1988.

Before Cacao he was one of the founders of Inox Design, where he worked for ten years (1993-2003). Between 1997 and 2002 he also spent a couple of months each year as a freelance Senior Designer for Baker Brand Communications (California) and Mucca Design (New York).

Together with his partners, in 2006 Mauro founded Eulda Books, a publishing house with the goal of promoting excellence in design through publications of the highest quality. The first publishing project was launched in 2006: Eulda, the European Logo Design Annual, which as of January ‘08 evolved into Wolda, the Worldwide Logo Design Annual. The competition was run until 2010, then sold to third parties.

In October '06, Mauro served on the jury for ReBrand 2007 (, an international design competition. In June '08, he has been invited as a guest speaker at Syzygy, an international design conference held in Barcelona by the Art Directors Club of Europe (

Specialties: naming, logos and branding, corporate identity, brochures, catalogues and monographs, packaging, exhibition design, events and below-the-line material in general, as well as videos, web design and digital items.

[Lecture] 1+1+1 > 3

Ciao everyone.
I am Mauro Pastore, the co-founder and co-design director at Cacao Design, a small Milanese studio specialized in branding, video, and web design.
I founded it in 2004 with Masa Magnoni and Alessandro Floridia; my colleagues, business partners, friends and bros, with whom I share a great passion for design and a lot of other things. We are pleased, and truly honoured, to have been selected as speakers at the Graphic Stories conference in Cyprus.

I know I am now speaking to an audience mainly made up of professionals of our field. It actually isn’t that easy to think of what to say to coworkers without sounding boring or self-centered; a bunch of people whom I personally think I have nothing to teach to. 
During my speech I have decided I will present you Cacao Design as I do to clients, nothing different. That is because I cannot remember a single client who got bored by listening to me when I do! What I say, every time I present, is super simple: “I excuse myself for not being a superlative speaker and I prefer to let our work do the talking”.
So rather than give a dissertation about myself, or the studio, I go onto show the best projects Cacao Design has created in its 17 years of existence. 
It’s these same projects, not myself, that have won the most important international design annuals – The TDC, Rebrand, European Design Awards, D&AD, How, LogoLounge, Red-Dot and many many more – and it’s thanks to them if we get called to give speeches on occasions such as this one.

The opening project I’d like to share with you is one of our very first projects. It gained a “Typographic Excellence” at the Type Directors Club, probably the highest achievement in type design worldwide, an “Award of merit” at the European Design Awards and numerous mentions on design publications. I am talking about the Cacao Design brochure. The objective was to present the communication projects of Cacao Design, its excellence in creativity, its care in all production phases and its attention to detail. 
It is not constructed like any other conventional brochure, but as an object to play with as you turn over the pages. This output made it possible to discover and explore Cacao Design in a fun way, displaying the real substance of our creativity and work approach: communicate through unexpected solutions provoking emotions that speak directly to people’s hearts. 

To us, “Enjoy your brand!” is more than just a claim, it’s a way of life. We love what we do, we always do it with passion, and we want our Clients to enjoy themselves just as much as we enjoy working on their visual identity and communication materials.
So, that was a brochure. This is a business card. Once again, we tried to convey our added value, the creativity, or better, our ability to create innovative projects at first sight without having to declare it or write it down. Again, this creative item speaks for itself. Something uncommon, never seen before… at least not by us, the ones who designed it!