Marina Pavlova [RU]

Marina Pavlova was born in the middle of Kazakh steppe. When she was a child she moved to a Siberian town and then felt herself reborn when she moved to Cyprus. She is a SMM manager and marketing specialist by qualification and a calligrapher and graphic designer by passion for over 5 years. Marina started studying calligraphy at Stonebridge College in 2015 and then continued her education by learning from famous calligraphers like PAScribe, E. Alekseeva, TriShiba, Suzanne Cunningham, etc. She focuses on Copperplate calligraphy and regularly writes hundreds wedding invitations, crafts signatures for professionals and just enjoys writing alluring letterforms at her studio in Nicosia. She believes that calligraphy could be a form of active meditation and is an amazing skill to produce script of exceptional aesthetic quality.