Behance Portfolio Reviews Cyprus

Nicosia: The City of Utopia 2nd Behance Portfolio Reviews Cyprus
When: Friday 27 October 2017
Where: Aigaia School of Art and Design
Time: 17:00

For the second time, the Behance Portfolio Review is scheduled to be hosted in Cyprus, this time in Nicosia with hostess Aggeliki MK Athanasiadi. Behance Portfolio Reviews are local meetings of the Behance user community around the world. In these meetings new and old members meet, analyze creative strategies, look at their portfolio, connect and socialise.

The purpose of this creative meeting is to strengthen the relationship and interaction between creative professionals in Cyprus and create the right conditions for the further development of arts and design. Behance Portfolio Reviews hopes to bring together the thriving online community of Cyprus, to encourage and empower these creative people to share their ideas through the presentation of their work and ultimately to help them not only to demonstrate but also to develop their art.

During the 2nd Behance Portfolio Review of Cyprus, participants will have the opportunity to watch and interact with remarkable invited speakers, to gain knowledge and experience and socialise with members of the local creative community in Cyprus and abroad. Guest speakers are the internationally renowned visual designer Charis Tsevis, the illustrator and artist Dafni Christoforou from Nicosia and the graphic designer Apostolos Tsiovaras from Greece.

The event will be held at Aigaia School of Art and Design, on Friday, October 27, 2017, at 17:00. At the end of the lectures, Behance Projects will be presented by new designers and there will be a dialogue with the public. Participation in the 2nd Behance Portfolio Review Cyprus is free and more information can be found through the page: Behance Review Cyprus.

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Aigaia School of Art and Design

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