Graphic Stories is a Non-Profit Organization that has established the annual international ConFest on Graphic Design and Visual Communication based in Cyprus, under the same name. Graphic Stories was founded in 2015 to fill a gap in the field of visual communication. Graphic Stories is the only established, independent, annual, official conference in the field of visual communication, covering the fields of branding, visual arts, graphic design, calligraphy, illustration, typography, semiotics, animation, infographic, photography, multimedia design, web & social media design.

Visual communication concerns everyone!

Visual communication is the practice of using visual elements and typography to communicate information or ideas. It is vital for promotion and success to any company, business organization, individual or product. It concerns everyone! From a business card, a poster, a leaflet to social media. Graphic Stories is the link between designers, clients, businesses and media. Provides knowledge, experience and development opportunities on a personal and professional level.

Through the organization of conferences, lectures, exhibitions and workshops, it aims to demonstrate and promote the value of visual communication to the public and its connection to the business world and the social field. It aims to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the island in Cyprus and abroad in relation to the visual and applied arts, with parallel activities such as the creation of the Design Forum-10’ Design Talk and the production of educational publications.


The Conference is addressed to all creatives in the field of visual communication, applied and visual arts, professionals, students, graphic designers, web designers, UX/UI designers, illustrators, photographers, animators, printmakers, creative studios, 2D/3D designers, advertisers, marketers, their associates as well as those who are interested in learning about the profession of visual communication designer.



Graphic Stories Cyprus, among the best festivals in Europe!

The Conference on Graphic Design & Visual Communication, Graphic Stories was selected by the European Festivals Association (EFA) as one of the best festivals in Europe and was awarded the Europe’s quality stamp, EFFE Label, for the period 2019-2023. The EFFE (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) is an initiative launched by the European Union Festival (EFA) and supported by the European Commission and the European Parliament.

Significant distinction for the 7th Conference on Graphic Design and Visual Communication, Graphic Stories.

The 7th Conference on Graphic Design and Visual Communication, Graphic Stories, that took place from
21-23 of May 2021 in Nicosia, Cyprus, has received another significant distinction as the culmination of its
consistency, quality and innovation that characterize its actions since its inception. The European Festivals
Association (EFA) awarded the Conference for its Innovation and Inventiveness with the Badge of
Invention. The Conference also received the special award for Remarkable Arts Festival, for 2021, a fact
that ranks it among the leading European events in arts and culture.