10th International ConFest on Visual Communication

In person & Live-streaming

Graphic Stories • ConFest • Vol10 #destinat10n

The Retrospective & Anniversary Poster exhibition is hosted on the ground floor of Politis newspaper
and will be open to the public until April 9, from Monday to Friday, hours: 09:30-17:00.

Graphic Stories

The International ConFest on Visual Communication based in Cyprus, Graphic Stories, aims for the cultivation of the artistic education and the development of critical perception about modern graphic arts both on local and on international level. At the same time contributes to the promotion and the exposure of visual communication and creation not only in Cyprus but also abroad and encourages the networking with cultural institutions, organizations and contemporary art groups abroad.

The organization of exhibitions, conferences and workshops aims to show and promote the value of visual communication to the public, creating culture and values and its interaction with what is happening in the society.

Why attend?

Learn from top experts
Graphic Stories attract some of the most talented and experienced designers, artists, and communicators in the industry. Attending the conference gives you the chance to learn from these experts and gain insights into their work and creative processes.
Stay up-to-date
The design industry is constantly evolving, with new tools, techniques, and trends emerging all the time. Graphic Stories Conference is a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and ensure that your skills remain relevant.
Get Inspired
Graphic stories Conference provides a wealth of inspiration for designers and creatives. Seeing the work of others can spark new ideas and help you approach your work from a fresh perspective
Graphic Stories is an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals in the industry. Meeting new people can lead to new job opportunities, collaborations, and partnerships
Improve your skills
Workshops and lectures at Graphic Stories are specifically designed to help you improve your skills and knowledge. You'll learn new techniques and approaches to your work that you can apply in your own projects.
Get feedback
Graphic Stories provides a great opportunity to get feedback on your work from experts in the field. You can get valuable insights and suggestions that can help you improve your work
Learn from a variety of perspectives
Graphic Stories Conference features speakers from diverse backgrounds and industries. This gives you the chance to learn from a wide range of perspectives and approaches to visual communication and graphic design.
Expand your clientelle
Graphic Stories is a great place to showcase your work and find new clients. By attending workshops and lectures, you'll be able to demonstrate your skills and approach to potential clients.
Build your brand
Attending a Conference like Graphic Stories can help you build your personal brand and establish yourself as an expert in your field. By sharing your insights and perspectives, you can gain a following and increase your visibility.
Have fun!
Finally, attending a Graphic Stories Conference can be a lot of fun! You'll meet new people, learn new things, and get a chance to explore new ideas. It's a great way to recharge your creativity and come back to your work with renewed energy.

Graphic Stories over the years

Guest Speakers
Creative Workshops
International Design Poster Entries
International Collaborations
The 10th International ConFest Graphic Stories invites you on an exciting journey into the world of visual communication. With a rich and innovative program, this significant event reflects the diversity and high quality of artistic and educational activities.
9 Lectures &
Documentary Screening
9 Lectures: Renowned professionals will deliver nine lectures exploring current topics that concern us all, such as the potential of artificial intelligence in artistic creation, the impact of mechanization on design, video games, powerful social media presence, and more.

Documentary: The Graphic Stories documentary highlights its impact and significance in the world of visual communication, both in Cyprus and internationally. Through unique stories of key personalities who have left their mark on the conference and the revealing power of the arts, the documentary unveils Graphic Stories’ commitment to promoting creativity, innovation, and pushing boundaries in the exciting world of design and technology.
5 Creative Workshops
5 Creative Workshops: Scenario creation for video games by Spiros Drakatos, a specialized workshop on the use of artificial intelligence by Stefanos Karagos, a human library workshop by Vaggelis Gettos, and workshops for children: an experience in virtual and augmented reality [AR/VR] by Pericles Cheng, and illustration themed “Destinat10n” by Panayiota Michael.
Exhibitions & Parallel Activities

International Poster Exhibitions: A retrospective poster exhibition showcasing the best posters from all thematic exhibitions of Graphic Stories to date, and a commemorative poster exhibition with the theme “Destinat10n” featuring selected guest designers.

Interactive Installations: Creation of interactive installations themed “Destinat10n” and celebration of Graphic Stories’ 10th anniversary.

Live Performance: Experience an exceptional live performance by the contemporary dance team of the London School of Ballet.

Music Performance: A musical experience with reggae beats by the unique DJ HajiMike.

Meet the Speakers





Agnieszka Ziemiszewska










Documentary Screening Graphic Stories: Destination

“Graphic Stories: Destination” unveils the evolution of Graphic Stories over the last 10 years through interviews by influential figures in the field, who have left their mark on Graphic Stories.

David Carson, Julia Kahl, Rob Snow, Yossi Lemel, Kostas Mantzalos, Panos Vasileiou, Charis Tsevis, Vasilis Vasileiadis, Michalis Antonopoulos, Stefanos Karagos, and Eirini Gonou, as well as the organizers Angeliki Athanasiadi and Miltos Karras, highlight the most important moments of all these years, the challenges, and the diversity that characterizes the world of Graphic Stories.

Creative Workshops


Realm Weavers

Workshop [01]
Leader: Spiros Drakatos


Dive into the world of worldbuilding like never before. The Realm Weavers workshop empowers participants to leverage their own distinct experiences as fuel for crafting extraordinary worlds.

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Destination: Human Library

Workshop [02]
Leader: Vaggelis Gettos


Utilizing a wide repertoire of storytelling, drama and creative writing techniques, participants will create a human library which will blend with the poster exhibition of this year's conference and become the living voice of the posters.

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Unlocking Creativity with Gen AI:
A Practical Workshop for Creatives

Workshop [03]
Leader: Stefanos Karagos


This workshop aims to empower creative people with the skills to effectively use and apply Generative AI tools to their workflow.

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Illustrating Children's Stories

Workshop [04]
Leader: Panayiota Michael

Children only


Children - they are invited to write and illustrate their own little fairy tale exploring the concept of destination. Is the destination random or planned? Will the hero reach their initial destination, or will they choose to follow a different path?

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Experiencing VR/AR

Workshop [05]
Leader: Pericles Cheng

Children only


Children will immrse themselves in VR and AR environments and visit far away places like the International Space Station or the Atlantic wreckage.

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