Videos 2017

Michael Antonopoulos | Social Media: a great career opportunity for the graphic designer
Elisa Baldissera is the winner of professional categories on the 1st International Poster Contest GSC2017
Paschalis Paschali | The fish rots from the head down
RIK Radio Program A' | Graphic Stories Cyprus in Olga Pieridou - Interview [07.03.2016]
"Nicosia, the city of Utopia" from Francesco Mazzenga - Italy
Spir.To | Branding vs Design Overcoming the subjective aesthetic
Hambis Tsangaris | Illustration of Cypriot folktales and traditions - Creative process and approach by Hambis
Dr. Nicos Souleles | Design education in Cyprus: expectations and challenges
Rob Snow | Paper, Pencils and Pixels
Graphic Stories Cyprus 2017 | Aggeliki MK Athanasiadi
Politis 107,4 | Radio Spot
Nikos Gazetas | Photoshop

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