Business for Creatives

Business for Creatives


Constructive, direct and highly professional, our “Business for Creatives” workshop today was crowned with success, gave answers to burning questions & food for thought!

Warm thanks to the designer & marketing manager Babis Schoinas who shared with us the methodology, the way of thinking and the right handling towards costing and all kinds of customers, the characteristics of the ideal customer (and yet it exists) and much more that for so many years concern us creatives, while being discussed in social network groups, forums and among designers.

Warm thanks to the participants who attended the workshop in person and electronically and gave a pulse through a lively free dialogue and especially the University of Nicosia for the warm hospitality & the professors of the Graphic Design department Dr. Klimis Mastoridis, Maria Stavride & Yiannis Hatzipanayi.

“Business For Creatives”
Workshop – Beyond Education

In Person & Online!
Graphic Stories Cyprus, after the success of the Workshop on cost determination, presented at the 8th International Conference on Visual Communication, March 2022, presents you, in collaboration with Babis Schoinas (N2C), another substantial and practical workshop titled, “Business For Creatives”.

What’s included
In it we will discuss not only the logic behind the prices we give the customer, but we will see how to turn the love of our art into a profitable business activity. What is the cost; What is our market position or what could it be? How can we calculate the price for each project and give a price that will close the job but not leave money on the table? How do we deal with different types of customers? Is this client worth working with? After all, is the ideal client an elusive dream? Why don’t I have more “good” customers? We will try to cover these and many other questions through our own, but mainly your own experiences in this workshop.

Target Audience
If you belong to the field of applied or fine arts, regardless of your experience you will certainly gain, in addition to another perspective, tools and ideas that will improve your daily life professionally and give you an air of confidence in your negotiations. All this through an honest conversation with a good dose of humor.

The workshop is held with the support & hosting of the University of Nicosia

Saturday 19|11|22, 14:00-18:00
University of Nicosia
Language: Greek

Workshop instructor: Babis Schoinas
Organizer: Aggeliki Athanasiadi