Irene Karotsi

Graphic Designer

Irene Karotsi is a graphic designer based in Greece with 5 years of professional experience. She discovered her passion for graphic design and digital art in her teenage years and pursued it, having obtained a BA in Graphic Communication from University of Nicosia in Cyprus. Irene now specializes in advertising, visual communication projects and branding. She is passionate about helping brands achieve their goals through design thinking and visualization and has experience working in content marketing and advertising agencies creating, curating and managing content for social media and digital marketing for gaming and tech companies such as Logitech and Dungeons & Dragons. She is highly enthusiastic and enjoys teamwork and community-lead initiatives while also being highly active and eager to learn by participating in a lot of workshops, conferences and events on the design field in a local and international level. Irene has joined the Graphic Stories Cyprus team in 2019.