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Open Call - 10 Years Graphic Stories

We are pleased to announce the new theme of the 10th International Visual Communication Conference, Graphic Stories, entitled Destinat10n.

This year we want to share something new with you! An open call to all of you who have loved and participated for so many years in our competitions, exhibitions and conferences. You are invited to submit a video which will include your own message, that expresses your unique and personal perspective on topic and meaning of ‘destination’ in the world of visual communication, and a wish for the 10th year of Graphic Stories to celebrate our most important anniversary.

In the video you can express yourself creatively and freely!

Your video should have a format of 1920x1080px and a maximum duration of 60 seconds. All videos will be uploaded to Graphic Stories’ social media and your name will be mentioned, so don’t forget in the email include your name, your specialty, your country and add links to your social media to be mentioned in our posts.

Send your video via WeTransfer to

In 2024, we celebrate the 10th International Conference on Visual Communication, Graphic Stories.

As the creative team behind Graphic Stories, we are always seeking new destinations and inspiring perspectives in design and visual communication. The word “Destination” holds great importance for us as it reflects a wide range of emotions and reactions. Its interpretation is not confined by time or place instead, it connects the present with the past and the future.

For a designer, “Destination” refers to a personal quest, a journey into creativity and self-expression. It is the space where imagination and technique meet, creating works that convey messages and emotions.
In the realm of design and visual communication, “Destination” represents our goal, achieving perfect harmony between shape, color, text, and message. It is the endeavor to convey a distinct story and interact with our audience as we travel together in the world of visual communication.

In the 10 years of our journey, Graphic Stories has ventured into the unknown, exploring the boundaries of visual communication. We have faced challenges and opportunities, creating a unique destination for our creators and visitors. However, this destination is just the beginning. In the future, we will continue to explore, create, and offer unique experiences.

The journey is not only about the final destination but also about the way we choose to travel.

We invite you to join us on this unique journey into the world of visual communication, as we discover together the destination of creativity and expression.

Enjoy it!