Participation & Terms

The Power of Youth

International Poster Contest by Graphic Stories

Graphic Stories invites all the creative people to take part in the international poster contest titled
“The Power of Youth”. 

The international contest is part of the 9th Conference on Graphic Design and Visual Communication, Graphic Stories, that will take place in March 2023.

Young people are the most important and dynamic part of the population in every country. They are the driving force behind every change, social, economic and cultural. Young people have the curiosity, the idealism, the enthusiasm, the courage, the strength and the will to change the world. They are not just a part of the general population but the most important wealth of this world. They are the present and the future of humanity, and the hope for building a better future with more justice, more peace, more freedom, more flora, more sustainability and more inclusivity.

The participants are invited to visualize their thoughts, ideas and reflections regarding the theme of the contest which is:
“The Power of Youth”.

Categories & Prizes


1. International Distinction for Professional Visual Communication Designers

2. International Distinction for Higher Education Students[University or College] of Visual Communication

3. Cyprus Distinction for Higher Education Students [University or College] of Visual Communication

4. Cyprus Distinction for High School and Technical School Students


Contest prizes will be announced soon.

Each contestant has the right to submit up to two [2] posters.
The submission of projects can only be done electronically by email from
the 10th of July until the 30th of November 2022.

Contest Jury


1. Dimensions: The theme should be vertically designed [portrait] and delivered as a digital file. The dimensions must be 50x70cm.
2. Format / Resolution: 300dpi resolution, CMYK, .jpg.
3. A prerequisite is to indicate the title of the contest in English “The Power of Youth” and the NEW “Graphic Stories” logo in some place in the poster.
4. Download the NEW logo of Graphic Stories as follows.
5. Each participant can submit up to two [2] posters.
6. For your participation to be valid, you will need to download, full-fill and attach, along with your poster, the participation form.

Submission Procedure

The submission of the projects starts on the 10th of July and will end on the 30th of November 2022.

Entries must be sent by email to: stating in the title of the email the category of participation as follows:
1. International participation: professional visual communication designers
2. International participation: higher education students of visual communication
3. Cypriot participation: higher education students of visual communication
4. Cypriot participation: high school and technical school students.

The poster submissions of higher education Cypriot students count automatically towards both categories, 3rd and 4th.
Each file should be named following the scheme “country_name_surname_contest title” as well as the file extension.

The e-mail, must necessarily include the following information: 
Subject: it must include the title “Poster Contest GSC – The Power of Youth” and the category to which the project is submitted as stated above.
2. The poster: 50x70cm, 300dpi, CMYK, .jpg.
3. The full-filled participation form.
4. The file should not exceed the 25MB limit, so that it can be attached inside the email. Do not use an external link.
5. The following statement: “The elements used for the creation of my project are original and do not include third party’s intellectual property. With my participation in the contest, I accept the terms and conditions of the contest and I grant the rights of free use of my work to the organizers of Graphic Stories Cyprus Ltd“.


1. Entries that do NOT have all the required information filled in or do not meet the conditions of the contest will NOT be considered valid.
2. The public display of the submitted works is not allowed prior to the announcement of the winners.
3. The distinguished artists will be announced publicly on the day of the opening of the exhibition.
4. Submissions whose content can be considered offensive or insulting or unrelated to the theme of the contest will not be considered valid.
5. The winners and distinguished designers grant the right of free use of their project to the organizers of Graphic Stories, with the signature of the participant.
6. The prizes will be given to the winners directly from our sponsors.

7. The postal cost for sending the commemorative prizes of the competition is not included.
8. The organizers and the jury reserve the right to cancel the contest.
9. The submitted projects should not contain personal information about the designers.
10. The contest is open to higher education students and professional visual communication designers for the International Contest.
Higher education students and students of lyceums and technical schools for the Cypriot Contest.
11. The contributors, creative contributors, and the members of the jury of Graphic Stories can not participate in the contest.
This restriction does not apply to volunteers.

12. The posters must be original and have not entered any other contest or have been published in the media for any other reason.
13. Upon successful submission of the projects, an automatic confirmation is sent.
14. Upon completion of the contest and the selection of the 50 posters, confirmation will be sent ONLY to the distinguished participants.
15. Any republishing of part or the whole of the exhibition, as well as the use of the posters of the competition for any purpose, without the permission of the organizers, is prohibited.

16.  The 1st prize, regardless of category, is not transferred and is not exchanged in any case

The best 50 posters will be exhibited at the respective exhibition
which will be inaugurated after the end of the Conference's lectures.
Good Luck!