The second Meeting of Cyprus Visual Communication Designers, Graphic Stories Cyprus, in Nicosia (26-28 February 2016) finished with a great success. The program was full of events including lectures and workshops by well known Cypriot and foreign designers, who had explored the latest trends in design, transmitted their knowledge and experience, while inspiring all of us to search and think about the future of visual communication. The event, which was open to the public, was created to cover something that seemed missing from Cyprus the previous years, in relation with graphic design.

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The lectures cover a wide range of Visual Communication, highlighting the present and exploring the future.

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The specialized workshops offer accumulated professional knowledge and experience, relative to the modern practices of design.

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The exhibitions aim to promote the contemporary topics that Visual Communication deals with, to raise questions and to explore possible answers.

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10-12 of March, 2017

The 3rd annual Visual Communication Designers Meeting is on its way!

Graphic Stories Cyprus started and continues as a journey with specific targets and destinations but
during the course, does not hesitate to explore new places, to open new maps and to go through new paths.

"Nicosia: The city of utopia"

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