Graphic Stories Cyprus

The second Meeting of Cyprus Visual Communication Designers, Graphic Stories Cyprus, in Nicosia (26-28 February 2016) finished with a great success. The program was full by events including lectures and workshops by well known Cypriot and foreign designers, who had explored the latest trends in design, transmitted their knowledge and experience, while inspiring all of us to search and think about the future of visual communication. The event, which was open to the public, was created to cover something that seemed missing the previous years from Cyprus, in relation with graphic design. As Robert Peters aimfully said, "Design creates culture, culture shapes values and values define the future".


The creative three-day meeting hosted two very interesting workshops. The one was about calligraphy and the other one about the creation of an ePub e-book with the use of InDesign. The internationally renowned calligrapher, Georgia Angelopoulos, traveled from Canada to Cyprus, had introduced to the audiences of the Graphic Stories Cyprus to the tradition of handwriting and calligraphy through a 3-day workshop titled “SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW: Rethinking Ancient Cypriot syllabary”.

Georgia Angelopoulos | Calligraphy workshop

The talented designer, Nikos Gazetas, Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor, using InDesign to create eBooks, ePub, presented through a two-day workshop how can a graphic designer can, with a program that already knows, design an e-book with the .epub extension that is more enriched and more adaptable than a simple pdf. The workshops were held in the always pleasant and hospitable ground floor of "Politis" newspaper, which once again, as a media sponsor, has shown its support to any initiative that promotes the arts and culture.


Νίκος Γαζετάς | Adobe Indesign, epub-ebook workshop


Exhibition IRPC

The same place hosted the exhibition of the International Reggae Poster Contest which included 80 posters from designers from all around the world. The competition aims to promote the Reggae music and support the Alpha Boys School. In the event of the exhibition opening, the Cypriot Dub Poet and Professor in the Communications Department of the University of Nicosia, Haji Mike, traveled the art lovers from Jamaica to Britain and finally in Cyprus, using as a reference the Reggae music. The reggae party that was taking place during exhibition was live audio-visual on the website of the Cyprus Dub Community Radio with the participation of Roots Crew Soundsystem.

Haji Mike

The lectures of Graphic Stories Cyprus held in the Famagusta gate, on the February 27, under the auspices of Nicosia Mayor Mr Constantinos Georghadji and the Nicosia Municipality. The illustrator and animator Aristarchos Papadaniel, co-founder of the creative office Syllipsis present the creative process for achieving a "Grafistorias", combining sounds, letters and images. The designer Aphrodite Iliopoulou spoke about the Design and the Visualization of Information in Politics. Renos Dimitriou, the founder of Cyprus Creative Club, present the Cyprus Design and advertising awards “Pygmalion”, alongside with those of the Europe-wide competition Art Directors Club Europe ADC * E. Fanos Christofi and Miltos Sergiou of the eBOS technologies, achieved through their speech, to point out the importance of the Web as a means of advertising and promotion of services and they had analyzed the main aspects of the harmonious completion of a website in terms of design and its interaction with the user. The evening continued with a lecture by  Evripides Zantides, Associate Professor of Graphic Communication and Chairman at the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts, Cyprus University of Technology, who present and analyze the Semiotics of our National Identity in relation to the visual communication in print ads. In the frame of the cooperation of Graphic Stories Cyprus with the Cyprus Association of Congenital Cardiac Surgery Adolescent & Adult ACHDAC, the chairman of the association Katerina Papadopoulos ended the evening talking about the purpose of the association and its 10 years of action in Cyprus. An exhibition about the organization was held with 35 posters, as many as the congenital heart diseases.

Aristarchos Papadaniel
Αphrodite Iliopoulou
Miltos Sergiou
Evripides Zantides

The 2nd Meeting of Visual Communication Designers Cyprus was organized under the support of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology and the Bank of Cyprus, aiming for the cultivation of the artistic education and the development of critical perception about modern graphic arts both on local and international level. At the same time contributed to the promotion and the exposure of the Cyprus visual communication and creation not only in Cyprus but also abroad and to the encouragement of networking with cultural institutions, organizations and contemporary art groups abroad. The organization of exhibitions, conferences and workshops aimed at showing and promoting the value of visual communication to the public, creating culture and values and its interaction with what is happening in the society. 

We Continue...
The organiser of Graphic Stories Cyprus | Miltos Karras & Aggeliki Michalopoulou

The Graphic Stories Cyprus, began and continues as a journey with specific targets and destinations but during the course does not hesitate to explore new places, to open new maps and going through new paths. 

“Design is in everything we make, but it's also between those things. It's a mix of craft, science, storytelling, propaganda and philosophy.” 
Erik Adigard
Photos: MIchalis Theocharides & Aggeliki MK