The Honorable President of the House of Representatives Ms. Annita Demetriou did Graphic Stories the honor of conveying her own message about TOLERANCE, through a video presented during the opening of the 6th International Poster Exhibition & the TOLERANCE Awards Ceremony Nicosia Municipal Councilor, Mr. Chrysanthos Fakas, on Friday, March 18.

Nicosia, Cyprus, 2022


International Poster Contest & Exhibition by Graphic Stories in Collaboration with the Col·legi Oficial de Disseny Gràfic de Catalunya

April 1st 2022 – Barcelona

Opening time: 18:00
Venue: Sala polivalent del Col·legi

Visual Communication concerns us all!

The Creative Idea

Since the era of the European Enlightenment, tolerance has emerged as a necessary feature for the harmonious coexistence of people and is a consequence of the anthropocentric ideas of freedom, democracy, equality, equity, and the timeless struggles to eliminate all forms of discrimination, social, racial, nationalist, for the freedom of speech and thought. Tolerance is about our willingness to allow people to think, express and act even in ways that we do not agree with. Tolerance for everything different, for different thoughts or ideas, has as its goal the creative approach and progress, both individually and collectively. Tolerance is the springboard for a society free of bigotry, intolerance, racism, nationalism and all forms of discrimination and social inequality. It is at the same time the cornerstone of cultivating mutual respect and solidarity, cooperation and consensus and the antidote to marginalization and social exclusion. The participants in the contest were invited to visualize their thoughts, ideas, and concerns regarding the theme of the competition which was: “Tolerance”. The posters created highlighted the fact that tolerance is an important moral virtue that inspires not only respect for and acceptance of diversity, but also an attitude of life that can contribute to both individual happiness and well-being, as well as in the harmonious and peaceful coexistence of all the people on Earth

The poster contest was attented by 1420 designers, from 45 countries!

The 50 distinguished posters of the contest were created by the following designers

[alphabetical]: Abdulkerim Turkaya [TUR], Afsaneh Rezaei [IRN], Agnes Petrucz [ROU], Ana Paula Huerta [MXC], Andreas Papandreou [CY], Andria Nicolaou [CY], Anna Black [UKR], Antreas Kleanthous [CY], Antreas Morphis [CY], Ardi Chandr [INA], Christaleni Iakovou [CY], Dominik Jakubowski [POL], Elizaveta Suevalova [RUS], Felicity Hadjicosti [CY], Francesco Mazzenga [IT], Garibay Pedraza Yolanda [MXC], George Koursoumbas [CY], Gholamreza Saffari [IRN], Hossein Abdi [IRN], Irene Daskalaki [GR], James Skafidas [GR], Jiajun Wen [CHN], Jianen He [CHN], Junfeng Zhang [USA], Klitos Hatziklitou [CY], Konstantinos Kontargyris [CY], Kyriaki Charalampous [CY], Luis Antonio Rivera Rodríguez [MXC], Maria Eletta Baroni [IT], Maria Matsoukaridi [CY], Marilena Christodoulides [CY], Marlena Buczek Smith [USA], Merilyn Sepp [EST], Milena Valnarova [BUL], Pablo Matías Gutierrez [ARG], Rosana Krsteva [NM], Sara Popović [SCG], Terlan Haci-Shamiyev [AZE], Tomaso Marcolla [IT], Tomasz Czyżkowski [POL], Ulises Ortiz Castillo [MXC], Victoras Matzentides [CY], Yaling Zhuang [CHN], Yaser Ghader & Sheyda Fallahi [IRN], Yianna Christophorou [CY], Yiqi Li [CHN], Yognhui Zhang [CHN], Yuqi Zhao [CHN]

The exhibtion will also host 17 posters by professional visual communication designers that were invited for the cause [alphabetical]: Adria Nabekle [SWE] & Jenni Bulgarelli [IT], Aggeliki Athanasiadi [CY], Amir Hosseinzadeh [IRN], Andreas Brandus [GR], Andreas Panayi [CY], Christos Gregoriades [CY], Costas Mantzalos [CY], Irene Karotsi [GR], Kostas Kanellopoulos [GR], Miltos Karras [CY], Ortiz Andrea [Spain], Rafael Englezos [CY], Sergio Naranjo [Spain], Sha Feng [CHN], Tasos Anastasiades [CY], Valentinos Scriban [CY], Yossi Lemel [ISR]

Interactive Installation on the topic of Tolerance

On the opening day of the poster exhibition an interactive installation will be waiting for the public at the exhibition premises. The purpose of the installation is the active and conscious participation of the public, through the recording of messages and opinions in relation to Tolerance. The aim of this action is to trigger and to encourage social dialogue in relation to tolerance, acceptance and respect for diversity.

Graphic Stories

The International Conference on Graphic Design and Visual Communication, based in Cyprus, Graphic Stories, aims for the cultivation of the artistic education and the development of critical perception about modern graphic arts both on local and on international level. At the same time contributes to the promotion and the exposure of visual communication and creation not only in Cyprus but also abroad and encourages the networking with cultural institutions, organizations and contemporary art groups abroad.

The organization of exhibitions, conferences and workshops aims to show and promote the value of visual communication to the public, creating culture and values and its interaction with what is happening in the society.


6th International Poster Contest